I.S.I.S. – Interactive Synergistic Intelligence Superorganism

This was written in circa 2009/2010 – in effect it is a working copy I am still developing.

By Brandon Scott

The future of the intelligence community’s counterterrorism operations will be defined by its paralleling of current and prospective commercial applications in information technology. Where we are going we are already headed. Social open source resources are advancing to the point of being able to collect intelligence remotely, in real time, from anywhere, at anytime, in a multimedia environment. This information can be catalogued and searched using any parameters and the results represented in any way desired. This is reaching the event horizon where all of real world existence is to be simulated in a virtual reality where reality can easily be deconstructed into datastrings and analyzed in any fashion by feeding the data into particular inputs and applying specific algorithms or search criteria in order to receive on the other end an output of your choosing. The intelligence community needs to begin mirroring this social- technology for the purpose of effectiveness. The future ‘system’ that is proposed below is less of a system and more of state of being; and that state is called ISIS. And yes it was developed before realizing there was an ISIS in the show Archer. Read More