Everyone Spies, Get Over It

Thank You. Thank You. Thank You: Joshua Foust for writing “Face It: Everybody Spies, Why is there outcry only over American spying“. This could not have summarized my thoughts on critics of America spying on foreign nations more. From the media you would think that America is the not only the only spying nation but the worst. I am here to remind you that if you ever served in a NATO position as an Intelligence operator that you are not alone in this endeavor. Every country spies, we all know it and we all do it and it is generally considered an acceptable act as long as it is done in a gentleman’s fashion. If you think every other country does not spy you are greatly uneducated and/or mislead. On top of that every country spies on its own people in some fashion – though this is predicated on their technological capacity. America is actually one of if not the most gentle in our domestic spying. We have a ridiculous number of laws governing it, for more than most. Most countries have zero legal parameters dictating what can be done to their own people and I speculate the UK and many other European countries (and Australia & New Zealand) are similar. Everyone in the business knows this and lives by this.