Sanaa Cityscape

Sana’a, Yemen

Worry not; the world is still falling apart. BBC reported an original attack in Jakarta: Jakarta attacks: Bombs and gunfire rock Indonesian capital Which is particularly ironic following the fanfare that The Atlantic’s article “ISIS in the World’s Largest Muslim Country- Why are so few Indonesians joining the Islamic State?” got.

As the SOTU played out Iran was detaining 10 US Navy Sailors as a near PR stunt. And as such they were released soon after: Iran releases 10 US Navy sailors after boat drifted in Persian Gulf. If half of your Facebook friends are like mine there much anger and social media promises to seek revenge against Iran once social media comment at a time.

OPSEC being what it is, the US announced that “Special U.S. targeting force ‘now in place’ in Iraq.” Good thing they are not ya know, like a secret force.

In the wake of the continued Iran-Saudi Charlie Foxtrot, Saudi has called in its chips from Sunni allies, including the nascently stabilizing Somalia. And as such Iran received some blow back when an Iranian Aid Agency Looted In Somalia After African Nation Cuts Ties With Tehran.

As Nigeria continues to face security troubles with Boko Haram, it is reported that UK Sends Troops To Train Nigerian Soldiers.

Russia is continually nervous about the implosion of Afghanistan and as such decided that sending more guns will help: Russia to send small arms to Afghanistan

Turkey already pinned between a Europe and a hardplace and just facing a notable terrorist attack, has seen yet another attack in there southern region: Deadly car bomb hits police HQ near Diyarbakir, Turkey.

In case you thought Al Qaeda was gone – wait who is Al Qaeda? Yeah, they are still around releasing podcasts in the glorious shadow of ISIL: Al Qaeda releases 3 new messages from Ayman al Zawahiri

Recent reporting has illustrated an increase of instability coming out of India. The small yet potent Islamic minority there continues to produce some unsavory extremists as of late: Arrested in Syria, four Indian youths ‘planning to join ISIS’

Israelis Are On The Ground Assisting In The Search For Nigeria’s Missing Schoolgirls #Nigeria #Israel #bringbackourgirls #bokoharam

Seeing the Boko Haram situation in Nigeria bring international engagement is promising. Assistance is coming in, in a few difference ways. It was not surprising to see the US involved by sending experts to provide guidance. It also was not surprising to see the UK involved considering their colonial history (we are seeing much more of this colonial return to assist with France in Mali and CAR). Several countries are assisting now in Nigeria to include – and this one is surprising – Israel. Yes Israelis are now on the ground in Nigeria assisting.

Why the dangerous new turn for #piracy matters #Africa #Nigeria #GulfofGuinea ##MEND #BokoHaram #BringBackOurGirls

Why the dangerous new turn for #piracy matters #Africa #Nigeria #GulfofGuinea ##MEND #BokoHaram #BringBackOurGirls

This is a rising situation that in many ways, mirror Somali piracy in the Gulf of Aden and around East Africa. It is critical that the world recognizes the importance of the Gulf of Guinea and the greater West African region. I hope that the increased media attention from the 2-300 young females kidnapped by Boko Haram that hit the Western media this week, will bring global attention to Nigeria.

Whether the world wants to ignore Nigeria or not, come 2015 there is little chance that they will be able to. In 2015, Nigeria’s election will surely bring a conflict between the nations factions to include Boko Haram and the MEND (Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta) who continue to pose a threat to regional and national security. To better understand the simmering explosion that Nigeria is I recommend checking out David Kilcullen’s recently published Out of the Mountains book that details the Nigerian urban & peri-urban  environments and their propensity to develop into a full violent collapse.

#Afghanistan Is The Big Winner In U.S. Foreign Aid – What about #Somalia #Syria and #Yemen ?

#Afghanistan Is The Big Winner In U.S. Foreign Aid – What about #Somalia #Syria and #Yemen ?

Time Magazine just published an article on US Foreign aid. It includes top foreign aid recipients by region and country. I get why Afghanistan is the highest recipient of aid here, however there are a few disturbing issues with some of the other countries on here being so high while more strategic countries are not even in the top ten. To begin with, why is Israel higher than Iraq? Israel is a key strategic ally but for gods sake we poured for more of an investment into Iraq and it should be out-ranking Israel by at least a couple billion. If I had the ability to reorganize this list it would look something like this:

1) Afghanistan (to include via Pakistan)

2) Iraq

3) Somalia via Kenya & Ethiopia

4) Yemen

5) Syria

(Next 5 not necessarily in order by aid amount)

6) Nigeria

7) Mexico

8) Insert any Sub-Saharan Africa country here

9) Insert any Sub-Saharan Africa country here

10) Insert any Sub-Saharan Africa country here