The Microeconomics of Somali Piracy 

By Brandon Scott

Originally Written in 2010

Crime Pays, and piracy pays very well these days. Piracy is by far not a new issue.  In the first few years of the 19th century the United States had to send Marines to the shores of Tripoli to combat an enduring piracy problem. However, the last few years the world has been seeing a drastic increase in piracy off the East African coast. In increase to such an extent it has brought global adversaries together to combat the threat. Since 2007, the number of successful pirate attacks has increased nearly fourfold. There were a total of 293 pirate attacks worldwide in 2008, of which 38% occurred within the Gulf of Aden or off the coast of Somalia (Leader). Read More

#US to build #naval base in southern #Yemen

#US to build #naval base in southern #Yemen

Not sure how believable this is – particularly considering the reference to 1,500 US Marines being in Southern Yemen. I heard this rumor while in Yemen and did not believe it, nor do I now – 1,500 Marines in Yemen is a deployment of Marines to stay under the radar. However, the detail put into the reference to the US Naval base being developed seemed to make that sound a bit more realistic. However it seems off considering the security environment in Yemen – particularly Southern Yemen. Also, the US already has extensive maritime naval access to this area so why would the US need a base in Yemen? I also always question when I see a country referred to by its religion, as Yemen is referred to as a “Muslim country”. This makes me think the source is super biased with a religious slant meaning the entire article is probably false.

The Future of Naval Warfare

Though over a decade of primarily land warfare has made the Navy seem less than important, with the recent Asian Pivot and the ridiculous amount of research on Littoral Contingencies we have seen a drastic increase in literature and operational need for Naval power projection.

The first item I want to reference here is an article by Dan Parsons quoting Adm. William E. Gortney and titled Global Demand On the Rise For Already Struggling U.S. Naval Forces regarding the future of the Navy. Though the article is not exhaustive it does point out the increased need for Naval forces.

In 2012 the Burn Pit wrote about the Riverine units and included a video also. In it they cite another 2012 article by Stars and Stripes that reports on in detail the success of the Riverine forces in Iraq. The fact that Littoral forces were such a success in Iraq is merely the first step in the resurgence of these forces in 21st Century Warfare.