How Piracy Saved Somalia: The Unintended Positive Consequences of Somalia Piracy

By Brandon Scott

Piracy off the coast of Somalia splashed onto the global stage in 2009 at near epidemic levels. The impact of Somali piracy affected the entire global community as shipping costs soared costing the global community as much as $18 Billion.[i] The wave of piracy attacks however was short lived due to a quick and comprehensive response by the international community to counter piracy and its causes. The world’s response to Somalia continues today and is a reversal of 20 years of alienation prior; that made possible Somalia’s de-evolution into a failed state that the world ignored and feared simultaneously. The success countering the three-year piracy epidemic however shadows the success of piracy for Somalia by demanding attention and assistance for a withering nation – in effect: piracy saved Somalia. Read More

#Yemen mulls new plan to spur local and national growth

#Yemen mulls new plan to spur local and national growth

Yemen is planning to develop industrial zones in each of the newly mandated federal regions. If this this occurs successfully it is a great move for Yemen as a whole. Think how each region will benefit individually while placing the responsibility on regional power brokers to protect the zones. The zones will provide jobs in each region while protecting the country from excessive industrial development in order to preserve one of Yemen’s greatest natural resource – its beautiful land.