UAE and Yemen set goals for a range of projects

UAE and Yemen set goals for a range of projects

For all the naysayers out there, this is a good write up on how foreign aid & development was stalled a couple years back due to increased AQAP operations and how the increased CT operations have beat back AQAP enough to provide some room for development and aid to continue. The notable aspect of the bulk of the aid from the likes of the Gulf (UAE in this case) is that often their aid is for sustainable projects as opposed to just throwing money for temporary solutions.

Yemen: Saudi Halts Foreign Aid

In a somewhat surprising turn of events, Saudi aid to Yemen is being halted, paused, stopped or some other synonym to not-happening-anymore, according to Al Jazeera. Frankly I cannot do the original article much justice as it details very well the better part of 30 years of aid from Saudi Arabic to Yemen. The ramifications from this may be rather notable. On one hand you have less money coming into a country that is in dire need of support; on the other hand, Yemen faces many troubles with managing this aid, as many countries with developing governments riddled with poverty tend to do. Keeping funds on budget, retaining transparency, eliminating corruption and ensuring the funds reach sustainable solutions that directly impact the people it is meant for; are all issues Yemen struggled with when it comes to accepting foreign aid. There is hope that this will shake Yemen a bit away from being a full-blown welfare state. Arguably, the greatest impact this will have will be to liberate Yemen from its Saudi tethers.