25 Things

1) You are a victim but have personal responsibility for what happens to you.
2) America is not capitalist or socialist. We are and always have been, somewhere in between. And that position is fluid and is ever changing.
3) The Republican and Democrat parties are not universally theme based. Historically, they were arguably the opposite of what they are considered now. Thus, it is highly likely, in the future they will also be reversed. Therefore, be careful to who you pledge allegiance to.
4) You are privileged and quite possibly victimized by someone with more privilege. Someone always has more and less privilege than you. Privilege is relative.
5) Poverty does not exist as we know it, because for 99% of history people existed without bank accounts, credit cards and social welfare benefits. You just farmed and bartered.
6) Someone having more wealth than you does not equal your lack of wealth. Insinuating such makes you the greedy materialist not them.
7) You are living in the most peaceful time in all of known recorded history.
8) You are living in the wealthiest time in all of recorded history.
9) You are living in the most equitable time in all of recorded history.
10) Most situations are not evil conspiracies, but ineptitude, subsequently covered up my Public Relations shame.
11) People at all levels, from individuals to governments conspire daily to achieve their goals. If you and your partner decide to come up with a “white lie” to avoid a dinner party, you are in conspiracy.
12) Western women are the greatest threat to Western Women.
13) The United States is the least bigoted nation in all of history.
14) The United States is the most diverse nation in all of history.
15) No one is indigenous to land. Someone was always there before.
16) Race is a construct, and most racial paradigms would crumble upon DNA testing. We are all one people, and our ancestors had sex with everyone including Neanderthals, and other non-homosapien beings. This DNA is still with us. Thus we are all biracial.
17) Diversity is ideal but has massive vulnerabilities.
18) Democracy is ideal but has massive vulnerabilities. Namely the fact that the vast majority of humans are uneducated mob-mentality morons who would kill if it was in the air.
19) Authoritarianism is not enjoyable nor ideal, but has a proper time and place to raise a society to its next level of freedom and prosperity. See Singapore.
20) Some cultures are far more efficient and equitable than others.
21) There is no universal morality. What is morally right in one place and time is not morally right in another place and time.
22) We are likely the most technologically advanced society in all of earth’s history. However, we are unlikely not the most advanced.
23) Our politicians reflect our politic. We get the politicians we deserve.
24) Governance is a delicate balance between freedom and security. Both extreme versions are terrifying.
25) You are going to die one day and your name will never be spoken again. You will vanish from history no matter how many Social Media followers you have. Your ancestors will not know of you, despite your contributions.

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