Reporting From #Honduras

I recently fled Afghanistan to Honduras via DC last month. I found it intriguing that the current immigration debate in the US is largely fueled by the influx of illegal immigrants south of the US border & that the particular flux is coming from the violence in Honduras. Though the Bay Islands have remained rather untouched from violence a notable jump in violence has occurred. Recently the brutal murder of Miss Honduras, her sister and stylist (in two different incidents in the span of a week) occurred. In theory this is an isolated event, but as Jim Walker points out, it actually is not. There has been a spike in violence in the Bay Islands in the last month. This is particularly disturbing considering the number of expats living in the Bay Islands and the limited amount of security around. Overall, for a country that “has the world’s highest homicide rate for a nation not at war” it is interesting how much Honduras has avoided the news.

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