America’s Peace Crisis – #Diplomacy @StateDept @DeptofDefense

America’s Peace Crisis – #Diplomacy @StateDept @DeptofDefense

Spot on:

“Perhaps it’s time to do away with or limit in diplomacy and development what has long been outmoded in defense. Military command posts by patronage went out with the Civil War. Despite the risks of civil-military disassociation, the professionalization of the military has resulted in the world’s premier fighting force. It’s usually in the diplomatic arena where the United States falls short”

Woo Hoo – someone finally gave some credit to the education of the US Military:

“Compared with the professional development of military officers, who can spend up to 40 percent of their careers at school or in training, foreign service officers receive little beyond their initial training at the Foreign Service Institute. “

This one is real good:

“Building peace, however, is a more complex, collaborative, and less measurable process of convincing people to embark on a course of political, social, and economic change, as much from the bottom up as from the top down. “

Though I do not believe this to be exactly true, it needs to be close to true. This is the notion of the title of this blog “Soldier, Spook, Statesmen” with a direct reference to “America’s Expeditionary Corps”. The idea being to ensure joint inter-operability and functionality across Intelligence, Military/Security & Diplomacy:

“the service and sacrifice of diplomats and aid workers should be as honored as that of soldiers.”

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