#Drones are Not the Problem in #Yemen @alastairsloan

In Alastair Sloan’s recent write up on US “Drone” policy in Yemen he lacks comprehensive understanding of US policy to Yemen. His argument is the same as most foreigners who instead of researching US policy towards Yemen merely elaborate on Tweets and blog posts about how evil the drone program is blaming the US for causing all of Yemen’s problems at worst, and at best not doing anything more than bombing Yemen. You are far off sport. In a previous response to Human Rights Watch critique of the drone program I clarified some facts that they seemed to have forgotten about. A great annotation is

“In the new assistance package, the State Department will provide roughly $47 million in security assistance. The Pentagon will provide an additional $112 million to train and equip the Yemeni security forces to conduct counterterrorism operations. On the civilian side, the United States will provide $178 million for humanitarian aid, development and assistance to help Yemen transition to democracy.”

But hey Alastair, all the US does is drone Yemen right? It is funny that the only people during my 5 months in Yemen I ever heard even mention drones, let alone complain about them were expats. Yemenis want jobs, water and electricity. All of which the international community to include the US is doing their best to help with.


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