Al-Qaeda, Ivory, and National Security: An African Problem Gone Global (Part one)

Great angle on a key yet little known funding source of #Al-Qaeda in #Africa.

4N Policy Now

Africa is under attack. In what can only be described as a genocide Africa’s wildlife is being mercilessly slaughtered to fuel an overgrowing illicit trade in Ivory. In the last two years it is estimated that over 60,000 elephants and 1,600 rhinos have been killed for their tusks. However, in a world dominated by headlines pertaining to Afghanistan, Syria, and renewed Russian expansionism the risks to national security posed by poaching are often overlooked by the mainstream media. The reality is that the fight against poaching might soon necessitate a war against poaching if current trends continue.

After 13 years of The War On Terror the United States and her collation allies have managed to pummel Al-Qaeda into a shell of its former self.  Bin Laden has been eliminated, Afghanistan no longer serves as a safe heaven, and diligent intelligence gathering has prevented any attacks on American soil. It would…

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