#US to build #naval base in southern #Yemen

#US to build #naval base in southern #Yemen

Not sure how believable this is – particularly considering the reference to 1,500 US Marines being in Southern Yemen. I heard this rumor while in Yemen and did not believe it, nor do I now – 1,500 Marines in Yemen is a deployment of Marines to stay under the radar. However, the detail put into the reference to the US Naval base being developed seemed to make that sound a bit more realistic. However it seems off considering the security environment in Yemen – particularly Southern Yemen. Also, the US already has extensive maritime naval access to this area so why would the US need a base in Yemen? I also always question when I see a country referred to by its religion, as Yemen is referred to as a “Muslim country”. This makes me think the source is super biased with a religious slant meaning the entire article is probably false.

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