Update on #Yemen ( #NDC #AQAP #AlQaeda )

With the end of the NDC (National Dialogue Conference) in Yemen, we have seen a lot heat up in the country. Notable violence seemed to kick off with the MOD attack, along with significant word on the street of something simmering though a bit quiet. Quiet until the most recent events that began with a flurry of bombings – 4 in one day – on Monday, 3 February; and this dovetailed into 2 Westerners getting kidnapped (a Brit and a German), and then a bus with Yemeni soldiers being attacked. The last week has been intense for Yemen with the security paradigm being challenged. On top of all this, AQAP is threatening to kill one of two hostages they took some time ago (one having been previously released).

Though the international community is heralding the successes of the NDC, there is much left to be desired for the implementation of NDC and GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) efforts and recommendations. The real challenge will be what happens now after this process. Clearly the diverse factions meddling with the peace process are leveraging what they can to acquire their objectives any means necessary.

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