Hitmen Take Out Haqqani Network Bigwig Nasiruddin Haqqani

Hitmen Take Out Haqqani Network Bigwig Nasiruddin Haqqani

This is a monumental blow to not only the Haqqani Network but the insurgency in Afghanistan over all. With the TTP taking a serious blow recently, now the Haqqani Network has been stuck. The Haqqani Network has been the primary player responsible for most, if not all, high profile attacks in Kabul for years now. They are well funded, very connected and historically have been the go-to facilitator (and operators) for anyone (see Al Qaeda) willing to pony up the cash to strike at the heart of the Afghan capital Kabul. Haqqani would have been surely hired to strike inside the Kabul Security Zone during the upcoming 2014 elections. This hit will hopefully limit their capacity to strike, ergo making the elections go off with a bit less threat streams. 

There is also the question of whether groups based out of Pakistan are beginning to rival one another as negotiation and withdrawal loom over their heads. Seeing the aforementioned airstrike on the TTP leader could mean that Haqqani or rival TTP elements gave him up in some manner of inner-feud. It is possible that this hit is a response. Either way we are seeing notable degradation of Pakistani groups organization and this will continue to dramatically increase over the next 150 days.

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